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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  January 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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smash and grab thieves at it again bashing ways way into two stores. >> there have been 20 similar crimes in the last week. we are alive from the verizon store in south riverpoint. >> do police believe the same people are behind these break- ins? >> reporter: at this point, it's unclear. what is clear is how these customers -- these these are getting in. in each case, the person is taking a rock and bashing their way in. sheridan police are looking for this thief caught on video ransacking a verizon store. >> iphone displays al down and a phone is missing. 3 >> reporter: just 100 yards away, truck logic was hit.
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latest in a recent wave. >> when i got here, i saw this entire front window shattered. businesses are boarded up after nine special and grabs. joy her meal is now -- haramillo is repairing his shop. >> people are desperate this time of year. >> what do they get away with? >> maybe $10 out of a donation box. >> they went right next door and the next-door after that. all three in the saae complex. >> reporter: investigators are looking into whether these latest cases are related to other cases in hamden. >> i hope to see them caught. to maybe just send a message to these people think it's okay to do this. >> reporter: tonight, a lot of business owners are feeling that way.
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is described as 5'6" to 5'11", thin build, wearing a winter jacket that was green and purple and wearing winter glove >> molly hendri we're waiting to find out if a body found in the rubble of a burned-out uilding in arvada is john rutter, missing weekend. he worked at the creative treatment options clinic that burned down. the cause of the fire is under investigation tonight. the fire department says it could take a few weeks. jets scrambled from buckley air force base after board a flight. none of the passengers knew about the threat. denver 7 investigators found credible. tomorrow morning, president obama plans to announce a series of executive actions he says will combat gun violence. chief among those actions, mandatory background checks on private gun sales.
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>> reporter: representative run the field is heading to dc for those meetings tomorrow. gun-control measures that passed here in colorado three years ago but today, republican presidential candidates blasted obama for what they call unilateral, one-sided action. after several deadly mass shootings to enn 2015, including colorado springs and san bernardino, the president has been vocal about the need for gun-control. >> once again, innocent people were killed in part because someone who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun. >> reporter: tomorrow, he will meet with attorney general loretta lynch and lawmakers from across the country at around table. he is expected to announce executive action on gun-control without congressional approval. >> my new year's resolution is to move forward on our unfinished business as much as i can. that's especially true for one
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our epidemic of >> reporter: the announcement triggered backlash from the republican presidential field. >> so, he is going to sign another executive order having to do with the second amendment. i will veto that. i will on sign that so fast -- >> reporter: summer praising the pressdent saying it's time for the country to quote catch up with colorado one universal background checks. critics say background checks on private handgun show sales will be nearly impossible to enforce. the plan would also provide more funding for mental health treatment. the president says the measures wwn't solve every violent crime in the u.s. but will potentially save lives. and he says -- and these actions are supported by most ameeicans including
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in courts across our state, we are dealing with a backlog of mental competency evaluations. we found more inmates are now sitting in jail just waiting all at the cost of you, the taxpayer. we first reported last week, the backlog for evaluations is 6-9 months keeping inmates in county jails longer than other inmates and strapping the county jails financially. the state has asked for $7 million in two fiscal years to ease this backlog that captain kevin duffy and -- in douglas county says this isn't a problem you can just throw money at. >> it takes a few million dollars to say we are going to use this across the state. into my professional opinion, i don't think that will do anything. >> there are sentenced inmates trying to get help at the state hospital but they can't even get a bad. many are serving time and being released without ever getting the help they really need. a tense standoff in oregon now in its third day. an antigovernment militia group took over aafederal building.
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into claims that local ranches have been intimidated by the federal government. locals have their own feelings about these protesters. >> i would call them terrorists. they have a political agenda and thhy are armed. >> we haven't had a normal life since they came in and started trying to intimidate us. >> this all started during a protest for these two men, dwight and stephen hammond. today, they urned themselves into started five-year prison sentence for starting a fire on federal land. they say they don't support the militia tactics. evidence will not be tossed out in the case against denial lane -- dannell lane. the husband said he took her to the hospital after she told him he -- she had a baby but the judge denied the requust to withhold evidence from the truck. tonight, denver 7 is talking to friends of a man killed during a bad crash at colorado and mexico. the driver police say cost is `till in the hospital and under
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was girardii-- ives -- liz girardi. >> reporter: police believe the driver was doing at least twice the legal speed limit when he plowed into cars at this intersection. tonight, friends are talking to us and say the two were on their way to boulder.>> he was one of the most selfless, caring people i have known. >> reporter: remembering a friend at the music venue where he performed five days before christmas. 29-year-old jonathan nichols was killed in this crash at colorado and mexico. nichols performed under the name cocai boladi. >> he was an inspiration to aal the friends he talked to and made music with>> reporter: he was also a founding member of
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their office is closed today as they mourn the loss of a man with so much to give. traffic investigators are working to reconstruct the accident that also killed 42- year-old anthony mills. a 911 call the reported the driver who owned his own limo service was slumped over the steering will -- wheel in a took off speeding, causing the accident moments later. >> we have made a preliminary arrest of the driver, semere driving under the influence. >> reporter: records show he has numerous traffic violations in denver. pooice believe the driver may have reached speeds around 70- 80 miles per hour. and, he never even put on the brakes killing two and injuring five others.>> it's just horrible that someone's like -- someone's negligence and carelessness could take away a
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>> reporter: and nichols leaves behind a small daughter. four people have been releesed from the hospital. they were inside the car that flipped. one person is still in the hospital tonight and police say they are working to put together the case and hand over information to the district attorney's office to determine possible charges. air tracker 7 over santa fe and evans this evening. this weekend, the intersection will close down to improve traffic lights. this is because of the numberr of accidents here. you'll notice the signals will be bigger, the crosswalk will have a countdown and the closure will be from saturday until sunday night. this evening, it's nice anddn denver after an absolutely gorgeous day. nothing really to talk about. in fact, our temperatures even warmer than they were the same time yesterday, which means our overniggt temperatures are also going to be a touch warmer. not a huge amount, but just a
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right now, here in denver 300. quite a bit cooler in greeley, 100 and mid 20s for fort 3 collins. most of the mountain towns in the single digits and teens. a little warmer than we have been the last couple nights but we are going to be going into a cooldown over the next couple days and we are talking about snow. i will show you that futurecast in a little bit. broncos coach gary kubiak has a couple weeks to make a tough decision. who will start for the bronccs in the playoffs? brock osweiler or peyton manning? this is going to be tough. broncos nation will just have to be patient. >> exactly right. at least a few more days until they get back to practice on thursday. victory monday mean celebration and anticipation. two weeks until the next game. broncos couutry celebrated a win of the charges while the players are celebrating three
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all the way up to the super bowl, home-field advantage. %- i will tell you something else. if brock osweiler hadn't turned the ball over four times, not all his fault, you've got to believe the broncos would have had the lead and brock osweiler would have stayed in the game against the chargers but gary kubiak said to put 18 back in and a victory later, here we are today asking kubiak, who is the starting cornerback for the playoffs?>> i have no timeline. i am focused right now on how i am going to go about getting the football team -- how we are going to approach it next week as we sit here and wait on our next opponent. `ike i said, giving them a break right now and we will settle down to get some schedules together and we go back to work ttursday. >> thursday is the first time they will return to prrctice and the first time we will see brock osweiler and peyton manning since yesterday. we will hear from brock osweiler about getting the hook against san diego later tonight. >> were you one of the lucky ones this morning?
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broncos playoff game went on %- sale and sold out within hours. >> now, your only chance to get these tickets is going to secondary sites. we checked on stub hub. $150. some sellers are asking for as much as $10,000 per ticket. >> we did check the broncos website tonight. there's a few single tickets there is still a chance of your fast enough. >> up in the nosebleeds i'm sure. who are you going to watch this weekend? how about the wild-card matchup featuring the chiefs and the texans in houston? watch the game right here on denver seven. saturday, 2235 pm kickoff. the winner could face the broncos the following weekend. >> very exciting. have you seen making a murder on netflix? >> this murder conspiracy theory has many f you taking action.'s>> if you witnessed
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a driver takes off after hitting a 10-year-old at colfax and yosemite. because of a persistent man in a tow truck, that man didn't get very far. justin -- followed the white van and blocked it until police arrived. here's how he described what happened. >> i was going through the traffic and had my lights on because we have safety lights.
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people started moving over and i was honking my horn. then, he glanced over a little bit and i glanced -- i got around him and cut him off. >> it worked. police say the child was clipped by a van while he was walking with his mom. the boy was not hurt. a lit cigarette started a fire in greeley. e-cigarette a mattress on fire. the ffre was put out quickly. many ad to be evacuated because of smoke in the building. one person was hospitalized. >the next legislative session starts next week. what our colorado lawmakers are planning. the list includes finding money for schools in taber -- tabor. the gop is focused on business in the economy. one of their first iisues will be to deal with the affordable housing crisis. gop presidential hopeful marco rubio is stopping in denver tomorrow but you won't be able to go to a rally. he is in town to raise money
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event is being held inside a condo in downtown denver. tickets raise from $500-$2700. that gets you a picture with marco rubio.>> have you watch the new netflix series making a murderer? it has spurred 180,000 people to pardon steven avery and his nephew. a very is in prison in wisconsin serving a life sentence for 2007 murder. in the docuuentary, his family says he was framed in the case just a couple years after being released from prison for another wrongful conviction. %- his lawyers are now speaking out about what they hoped would happen. >> stephen had realistic hope flying in new evidence. that might be other someone who 10 years, that he or she has not disclosed -- >> now, it's up to the white house to decide what to do next. it has until the 19th of this
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you see all that read? not when investors wanted to see on the first day of trading in the new year. the dow ended up down 276 points. part of the drop was blamed on a rough day in china. the markets they are even shut down for some time when shares dropped dangerously low. are you feeling lucky? this week maybe the week to get a powerball ticket. >> the jackpot is $400 million. how nice would thht be to start the new year? $400 million is a lot of money. this is one of the six largest jackpots. which has better odds? computer picks are picking your own numbers? >> there is really no difference. and if no one wins on wednesday, the next drawing will be on saturday with an even bigger jack that. >> because we all need more than $400 million took -` let's go in and buy some tickets. llt's look at our weather. it's pretty quiet. we have some clouds and while satellite radar is picking up
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of what you are seeing is low- lying clouds, a few flurries -`but not necessarily hitting the ground. however, we do have some light snow moving in and i really mean light. this evening, our temperatures are going to drop quickly. into the 20s and that's what we will see is our low temperature here in denver and a quick warm- up tomorrow. tomorrow, is going to be even warmer. i will show you that but these are the llws we're dealing with. not too bad in some locations. gunnison finally getting out of some subfreeziig temperatures. zero at one point. craig, 26 below and tonight, low teens. look at this nice warm-up tomorrow. mid-40s here in denver, upper 40s with 400 as our high. the southeast -- northeast corner, even warmer into the 50s. up in the high country, you top out around freezing. some locations just slightly
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junction at 360. the snow we have southwest is goiig to continue to move and over being -- overnight but it's really going to be light, not just for the southern, central and northern mountains. you will notice tomorrow morning, waking up to partially clear skies, a mix of sun and % clouds and increasing clouds throughout the afternoon but we areegoing to remain dry. all the snow does tay off to our west and where literally talking about in some locations just some flurries but then we are going to see even more move in. this is going to be a system that will affect the high country. relatively quiet with this system, the low ust too far south of colorado. as this wraps around and brings us a little snow, it will be off to our west and south. it the next system, the pacific that's going to move in and that moisture has a lot more to it and that's going to give us a chance of snow here in the metro area and even out to the eastern plains. what you'll notice is the one
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then on wednesdaa we are going it's going to be a little cooler. thursday into friday is the next chance for snow down here. still, not a major snow maker for the flames. mountains will pick up even moreebut it will still be nice to get a little bit of snow. we have had some decent snow totallso far in some locations across the state. we are good on snow but we could always use a little more. we have a lot of cold weather but not the moisture. >> freshen it up a little. time to get rid of those christmas trees.
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these goats are getting a special treat from your. lisa crawford from erie put a call it for your dried out christmas trees to feed her goats. at least 20 people have answered her call. it's not uncommon for goats to eat the trees but could cause problems for pregnant goats. nonprofit vet clinicssneed your help after denkai sanctuary announced it now that the clinic is cutting back, other nonprofits are taking up the slack. if you want to find out how to help cover but ills, log onto our website, welcome to
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compelling, talked about story in the nfl today was this. 17 and 18. peyton manning and bbock osweiler. it's amazing the broncos finished 12-4 and they ha quarterback controversy. it's already raising on social media, twitter all hot and bothered with the debate. 3 this after peyton manning came in against the chargers yesterday. the broncos won. across weller was the center for five turnovers, which you could say weren't all his fault but peyton manning provided the spark the broncos needed. phifer nine passing, but he took the -- took control and they won. gary kubiak told us the players know what's going on and thaa's all that matters. >> our plaaers will never be in the dark. they will know exactly what we are doing and which direction `e are heading. i think our players do you
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i am proud of both of them and the job they have done. go. we have a big second season coming up. >> what would you say about the starter for the playoffs? >> there you go. but brock osweiler says all the ratings. he will prepare the same way whether he is the backup or the but was he upset yesterday? listen to his answers after the game when he was asked if peyton manning might get him. >> usually, you don't talk to the backup and so you might be going in today. that was not a conversation that took place. >> but usually peyton manning is not a backup. >> next question. >> -- >> i wasn't on the field. i didn't necessarily feel that ssark but it seemed li offense really got going. -`as long as the football team is winning games, i don't care who plays quarterback. >> if brock osweiler wasn't upset, there would be something wrong. %- he wants to play and i think he deserves to plaa. brock osweiler deserves to start the first playoff game. he came through big-time against the patriots and the bengals, two playoff games. but yeah, peyton manning came in and set a >> yesterday. did he win the game himself? no.
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but if it was me i would do the same thing as yesterday. brock osweiler starts, peyton manning ready to go if needed. you might feel completely different but whoever starts, it's great to have the other guy on the bench, two guys who have proven they can win the season. this satuuday, kansas city, texans, wildcard game. a special denver 7 news with extensive broncos coverage on 7 sports extra. i was up for the -- avenues -- avs up for th a standing ovation at the pepsi -- at the pepsi center. jerome waving to the crowd and the avs get a huge won.
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amazing years, denver. what can we say? we like you back.
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on the ground after he got punched and then hit in the face of the ball. >> that's nnt how that game is supposed to go? poor guy. >> probably should have used a mouth guard. >> before we go, let's talk weather. >> mild overnight tonight, relatively speaking. 20s are still chilly and cold but it's warmer than have been.
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